Friday, February 29, 2008

Shake, shake, shake your booty!

As you've seen in previous posts, Zachary loves to dance! He's quite good at it too. Well, he has started dancing in the most unusual spot-the changing table! Since he was about 9 months old Zack has just thrown a fit when he gets changed. The things David and I have tried to come up with as distraction methods is endless. I've hated this phase he was in. But now, I'm not too sure... Here's the thing. If he would scream, whatever, we could find something (a book, pacifier) to distract him, but with this new thing--not so much. When I go to wipe his bottom and I have his ankles held together and lifted in the air he starts "singing" and shaking his bottom back and forth. It's funny if you are reading this, but not funny when he's getting poop everywhere and when I try to wipe it goes here and there. Meanwhile, he's having a blast just shaking his bum all around. So, I'm not sure which one I'd rather take-the crying baby or the poop wiping butt shaker. It's all relative I guess!

Lately everytime we go into the upstairs bathroom all Zack wants to do is play with the toothbrushes. Just not his. He doesn't like his toothbrush and likes even less to get his teeth brushed. He will not hold his or play with it, but will stand there and "brush" his teeth with ours. He'll even grab the toothpaste and try to put it on the bristles. Oh well. Maybe we should just try getting him a big one and using his toothpaste on it. I'm sure he'll figure it out sooner or later!

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Jean said...

Cute picture up top:) Lucas loves to mess with his toothbrush!! It's a Thomas one that play's the theme song. Which is always playing in my head,along with Bob the Builder! We have gone through so many different types of toothbrushes because he thinks they're toys. So let's just say we haven't mastered brushing yet!!! It's a good sign that he has kept this one as long as he has:)