Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Christmas 2008

It's hard to believe that 2008 has come and gone!  We look back at 2008 as a year full gifts, challenges, and excitement.  We kicked off the Christmas Holiday by spending our Christmas Eve together as a family eating dinner (David made and awesome rib roast!!), driving around to see Christmas lights (not many!!), making cookies for Santa, and then reading books by the fire before bed.  

On Christmas Day David and I had to actually wake Zachary up at 8AM (not his usual wake time) to get the party started.  Normally, waking that late would've been a present, but we were eager to open gifts and see how he did with his!!  Zachary didn't really get into the unwrapping thing.  It took him forever to get the paper off of his gifts!  He wanted to make sure all tape and paper were off one section before going to the next.  We tried to hurry him along as much as we could, we still have breakfast with the Stefanski's and church to go to!  After breakfast with his favorite person (Aubrey) and a great mass (the best gift of all is Christ as our Saviour) we headed home for lunch and nap.  

Then after dinner we checked the weather and saw that our trip to Lawrenceburg might be hindered by the ice storm that was supposed to happen over night, we rushed around to get packed and then headed out the door.  When we were almost to 88 I realized that I had left all the gifts for the rest of the week at home!!  Thank goodness for my sister!  She was able to get them for us.  Although, as I write this, I also realize I have yet to send Nani and Pa Pa theirs!!

Finally getting to Lawrenceburg at about 1:30/2:00AM landed us right into bed!  It's a very long drive.  The next day we just enjoyed our time with Nani and Papa.  Zachary loves being with them!  On the 27th we headed to Indianapolis where it was 70 degrees for a family party.  It was so nice spending time with David's side of the family!

On Sunday the 28th we headed north to my family in North Liberty.  We stayed the night with my parents and then stayed the next 3 days at a cabin and Potato Creek State Park.  We were really hoping for 3 days of snow fortes, snow angels and such, but since there was mid-60's weather-wise we had nothing when we got up there!  We still had a great time being with family and on our last morning there--it snowed!  We were able to go sledding for a little bit.  Zack didn't like the snow in his face at all and only went down once and then he and David spent the rest of the time waiting in the truck!  

After checking out we were finally on our way home!  And very ready for it!  But, as tradition has it, we always host the Giannassi's for Christmas Eve.  This was the 4th year in a row!  It was laid back and we watched TV and played games with Nick, Julie, and their son Noah.  

New Years day came and went with us trying to unpack and get organized.  In fact, the rest of that week and this week came and went with us trying to unpack and get organized!  Ha!  

The studio started classes this week and we are off to a good start.  We keep getting more interest and that is a blessing for sure!  We just pray that we continue to get more students, keep the ones we have, and that families are able to survive this economy!

Enjoy the pictures!

Christmas 08