Thursday, March 27, 2008

A chilly visit???

Amber brought Aubrey and Benjamin over today to play and eat lunch.  The two mainly bicker over which toys they should (and shouldn't) be playing with.  Today was no exception.  But, something new they did today was play in their coats.  No idea why.  Maybe they are just as sick of the cold as the rest of us!!  Zack brought his coat out to me to put on, so I did.  Then, next thing I knew, Aubrey had hers on too!  Benjamin slept almost the whole time, but I got to play with him a little after he was done eating and the kids were having their lunch (hot dogs, mac and cheese, and veggies).  He's such a happy baby and just smiles and smiles!  After lunch Benjamin was on the floor and Zack thought it a good idea to lay on him.  Such a weirdo.  Luckily no one was hurt! We love to play with our cousins.  Today after Zack gets up from his nap I'm gonna go buy him new shoes.  He's in a size 5, but the store where we bought his Easter shoes told us he should be in a 6.  So, I'll go get him some new kicks!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zack rocking and blowing kisses

Zack rocking and blowing kisses from Amelia Hendryx on Vimeo.

Easter Slideshow

Hallelujah He is Risen!!

Happy Easter!  We had a wonderful weekend.  We went home to IN on Saturday and didn't get back until yesterday afternoon.  It was so good to be home.  We haven't been since October.  Too long!  
Mass was great.  We went to the church where we were married.  We wanted to see the priest that married us, but he didn't perform mass on Sunday.  Oh well.  It was still nice to be there.  The church is beautiful and knowing that we are saved because Christ died for us is humbling and overwhelming.  Zack was OK at first, but after about an hour he had had enough!  So, there was turn taking in the back letting him walk around.  After church Zack got to hunt for eggs and check out his stuff from the Easter Bunny.  He actually did a really good job hunting for eggs.  He would find them and keep hold of them.  Then he would start yelling "ball!" and throw the eggs and crack them!!  It was pretty funny!
Aalyah spent a lot of time with us too and Zachary loved having her around.  He did say her name once during the weekend.  It's a hard name to say, too!!  He did really well with Grandma and Grandpa, saying both of their names as well.  He loved that they would pick him up whenever he wanted!   I have a ton of pictures from the weekend and then video of him finding eggs.  Amber is going to show me how to download a slideshow, so I will have them up on Thursday!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Bubble Bath!

On Sunday when David was sick in bed I decided to give Zachary his first bubble bath.  I had bought him some Spongebob bubbles and was very excited to see how he did.  Zachary loves bath time, so I thought this would be an easy transition.  Not really, but not horrible.  I let him watch me pore the bubbles in so he could see them start.  Well, at first he didn't want to get in the bath tub.  Then once he got in, he didn't want to sit down.  I ended up getting in the tub with him.  He ended up sitting down after a while.  All he did, though, was try to get the bubble off of his hands.  He wasn't bothered by them and kind of laughed, but it just kept flicking them off.  It got to be amusing.  He didn't want to play with any of his toys.  Since I was in the tub with him, I didn't get any pictures.  I will next time.  
Zachary hasn't been feeling very well this week.  I think he got my cold.  

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Computer!!

It's been so long since I've posted anything!  Sorry.  Our computer died and we just got a new one.  Got a Mac and it's awesome.  So, when I figure out how to the pics on here and everything I will get new things on here.

Nana and Aunt Cathy were up this weekend.  It was great!  Aunt Cathy taught Zack how to stick out his tongue!  But, luckily he forgot and didn't remember by Sunday morning.  It was pretty funny, though!  We did some shopping and Nana bought Zachary his Easter outfit.  It's so cute!  He looks like such a grown little boy in it!  I will put pictures up after this weekend.

We are going home to my family's house for Easter and we are so excited!  We haven't been home since October and that is much too long!  Well, I will get more on once I have more time to sit on the computer and figure it out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

First Sentence!!!

Zachary said his first "sentence" today! I haven't been feeling well, so Zack and I were sitting on the couch this morning. Me trying not to think too hard of how much I don't feel good and him watching Playhouse Disney and on Playhouse Disney on the computer. He's a multi-tasker already! When David came over to give kisses he said-"Bye, bye Zack." Zack answered back-"Bye, Bye Daddy!" It was awesome! So, David kept saying "bye-bye" and Zack kept saying back-"Bye, Bye Daddy!" I swear there have been times he's said other sentences, but nothing has ever been repeated. This did. He is great. I was so excited, but couldn't give him any kisses to celebrate!

I have been under the weather for the past couple of days. Started feeling bad on Saturday night. I spent the whole day yesterday, basically, in bed and I don't feel any better today. I was able to find a sub for my classes. Thanks to Lauren for subbing and thanks to Ann Marie for letting her come in. So, now I can hopefully get more rest when David comes home.

Looking forward to this weekend. Nana and Aunt Cathy are supposed to be coming into town. They were supposed to come in last weekend, but the OH valley got crazy snow. Guess it all worked out since I wasn't feeling well!

Friday we went into the city to visit with Caleb and Christina. Here is a dated picture of the two of them. For those of you who don't know-Caleb and Zachary are future Hall of Fame, MVP, Super Bowl winning teammates with the Indianapolis Colts! Caleb is super cute and is just learning to walk on his own! Very cute and very smart! I forgot my camera, so I'll update the blog when Christina sends some of the ones she snapped!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I love my cousins

Friday we got to spend some time with Aubrey and Benjamin. Zack was very curious about Benjamin and kept giving him kisses. Aubrey and Zack just played "don't touch that I'm playing with it now, no now, and now, and now too," all day! ;)

Shh...I'm reading

So, the other day I was upstairs getting ready and Zack was upstairs with me. He doesn't like to hang out in the bathroom if I'm not letting him brush his teeth, so out the door he goes. He loves being in his room playing with everything. Normally I can hear him talking to himself and playing. Well, this day I couldn't. He was being very quiet, so into the room I burst and there Zack is, sitting on his rocking chair reading his still favorite "book of the week," Going to Sleep on the Farm. It was so cute. He just sat there and "read" himself the book. I'm so glad he loves books and loves to read. Hopefully this is something he will continue into school age and adulthood! Luckily, I was able to get some great pictures of it!

Monday, March 3, 2008

18 month check up

Busy weekend! David and I spent the weekend re-doing the downstairs bathroom and buying a new fridge! The bathroom isn't 100% finished, but it's getting there. We took away the lilac purple and put up a silver blueberry. It's really nice! Turned out better than I thought. David did such a great job getting most all of it ready and painted. Then, when it was my turn to paint and touch up, he spent his time trying to entertain Zachary. Try telling an 18 month old he can't see his mommy! We bought a new refrigerator on Friday too. Thank goodness!! Finally!! It will be delivered on Wednesday and it couldn't come soon enough. I will post pictures when everything is finished.

Today was Zack's 18 month appointment with his new doctor-Dr. Olsen. It went really well! He is 33.75 inches and 25 lbs! He only grew 3/4 of an inch in the past 3 month, but gained 2 lbs! Dr. Olsen said he is 90% bigger than most boys his age. I was like-he always has been! Dr. Olsen also said that his motor skills are very good and that they will just continue to get better and somewhat dare-devilish! He also said that he is very impressed with his speech and that he is somewhat advanced! He said that he should have between 5-10 words by now and Zack has 13! He can say: Mama-Daddy-Aubrey (Ah-gee), Kitty, Thank You, Cookie, Cracker, Hi, Bye, Quack, Ball, Uh Oh, OK.

He also got one shot today and did very well with it! So, overall a great appointment!

I put a slideshow up, so hopefully it works!