Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swimming and NO!

Today was Zachary's first swim lesson at the Y!  I  know, I know, we have waited entirely too long to do it.  Well, I just happened to check the booklet last week and realized that was the first week of the new session!  We missed one week, but that's not too bad.  Last summer we took Zack to the pool to play.  He hated it.  Not kidding.  He didn't want to be in the water at all.  He sat on the concrete next to the pool and played.  He didn't even want to splash!  So, I was a little nervous that he might not like it.  Especially since the pool water would be cold.  We got changed in the locker room without incident and met another boy in the class named Matthew.  He and Zachary were about the same height but Matthew is 3!  When I first set Zachary on the deck he was hesitant for a second.  I showed him how to splash and he was all about it.  When we actually went into the pool he walked down the steps himself.  The class is a half an hour.  He did so good for the first 20 minutes then he started getting cold.  But doing more activities kept his attention.  I might have to get a swim shirt or something for him.  Or, if it would ever get warm outside...that might help.  So, now we are home, have a good lunch in us and he's sleeping and I'm about ready to too!

See my big horse on my swim trunks?
Got my cell, I'm ready for the pool!
Aren't I just the cutest???  My trunks are for 12 months, but now they won't fall off my but!  They'll just be a little short!

Zack has also learned the word, "NO."  But, it's not as bad as I thought (so far).  He just says it like a word.  It has no meaning yet.  "Zachary, what did you do today?"  "No."  "Zachary, do you want a muffin."  "No."  Well, you  know that's wrong because he clearly wants a muffin!  It's kind of funny to hear him say it.  At least he's not screaming "NO!" in the middle of a store.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can't all!!

Driving in the Jeep from Amelia Hendryx on Vimeo.
Here is some video from last weekend when Zack discovered his love for playing in the Jeep.  He wants to be in there all the time now!

Roller Slide!!

Roller Slide!! from Amelia Hendryx on Vimeo.
Enjoy some video of Zachary going down the roller slide at the park.  He tries to go back up it!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We love visitors!!

Friday we got to watch Benjamin in the morning while Amber got a massage.  Lucky her!!  And, lucky us!  Since Aubrey was at her "school" it was really the first time we got chubby-bubby Benjamin all to ourselves!  He is such a happy little baby!  Zachary loves when he's around.  He wants to be sure he knows what Benjamin is up to at all times!  Benjamin is such a great baby.  He rarely fusses and is just so much fun to be around!  We spent the great weekend outside playing and having a great time.  Zachary will fall to his knees and start crying when it's time to come in!

On Monday we got more visitors!  Terri and Christina come over with their sons-Noah and Caleb, respectively.  We've had lots of fun play dates with Caleb, but it was one our firsts with Noah and the first one with all three of us!  Zachary had to nap and didn't get too much time with the two boys, but we know that there will be many to come!  Terri and Christina are great friends from college.  Their friendships are something that I treasure and am so thankful and blessed to have!!!

Christina, Caleb, Zachary, and Noah

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nana is great!

I know it's been a while since I posted anything and I have no pictures, but I'll update a little.  I had a competition this weekend in University Park and all went well.  Except for one horrible judge.  I hate to blame things on judges, but this time it's true.  It was ridiculous how rude he was to us.  We have the CD's to prove it!  Well, after calling and complaining we have discovered that several companies from their Chicago competition have complained about him.  

On Sunday afternoon Nana came into town to help out with Zachary while David was in Las Vegas until Thursday morning.  She was such a HUGE help and Zachary just loved having her here.  When he wakes from his nap I know he'll be looking for her.  David enjoyed his trip.  I had to take him to the airport at 4:30AM on Monday and picked him up at 1AM this morning.  So, needless to say I'm exhausted.  David and I have Sunday off together and I hope to get some pictures put up then and to spend time with my boys!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Spring came (and went) this past weekend.  Not knowing when another good weekend would come, we decided to get out and enjoy the ample sunshine.  We went down to the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville.  Starting off at the playground it was so fun watching Zachary enjoy the jungle gym.  His favorites are the slides.  They had a tunnel slide, a roller slide, and a curvy slide.  He figured out how to go down them and then started going down on his tummy!  Feet first of course.  We also took a walk and let Zack feed the ducks.  There weren't too many around, but he figured out how to throw the goldfish crackers in to make them come.  He didn't want to leave them and actually tried to climb down into the river!  On Sunday David visited friends in his hometown and I got Aubrey and Benjamin for the afternoon.  We took a trip down to the park at the end of our street and played a little while.  Zack loved it, again, and was showing off all the things he mastered the day before.  He was even able to climb up the stairs that didn't have any railings.  

He is talking a ton.  Basically repeats everything.  Including--"Oh Sh*t!"  Which comes out-oh, chit.  Nice...  But, it's not all the time and we don't laugh or give a response so it's just "one of his phrases" now.  It's not often at all and we are hoping if he doesn't hear it he won't use it.  I love hearing everything he comes up with.  He really likes saying-"Ready, Set, GO!" like his Mickey Mouse fire truck says.  He will also say bye-bye to everyone he sees!  Enjoy a few pictures of him going down the roller slide! 

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Visit with Sam and Maggie

Later on Thursday, Zachary and I visited with Sam and Maggie Keen.  I used to watch Maggie when she was like 3 months old, for a couple of months.  She's 16 months now and just so fun to watch.  Unfortunately, Zachary wasn't very interactive as he had not slept too much, didn't have pacifiers anymore, and is breaking in new teeth.  Maggie has all of hers but one molar.  That's nuts!  I wish Zachary was done with his!!  Sam and I are looking forward to summer so we can get together and do things outside with the kids.  Not only have I loved watching Zachary grow, but I love seeing where Maggie is.  A year ago I was trying to get her to nap more, like tummy time, not spit up...stuff like that.  Today, she's running around, shhing her baby, telling the dog to be quiet, and trying to sneak up the stairs.  It's amazing how God blesses us with wonderful (and hectic) miracles!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mommy and Me

Bye-Bye Pacifiers

Today is the first day that Zachary no longer gets his pacifiers.  We started at nap time.  I brought the pacifiers downstairs and cut the sucker off of them.  We stood by the trash can and I gave them to Zack.  He tried to get them in his mouth.  He looked confused.  He would turn to me and kind of ask what was wrong.  I told him that since he was a big boy now he didn't need his pacifiers anymore and that they should go in the trash.  It took a while for the first one to go into the trash, but he loves throwing things away, so he threw the second one away.  Then it was nap time.  After an hour of screaming and one poopy diaper later he finally went to sleep.  We will see how this evening goes.  He usually gets his nebulizer before bed and the pacifier helps.  We are transitioning to an inhaler once these treatments are done.  We decided to go for it this week since I am on spring break and can kind of "handle" getting up with him during the night.  I think that might be hard too.  I will keep you all updated.  

Meanwhile, last Friday when I came in to get him from his nap he was standing in the pose.  SO cute.  Resting his head on his hand and legs crossed.  Enjoy the last pictures with him and his pacifiers!