Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We love visitors!!

Friday we got to watch Benjamin in the morning while Amber got a massage.  Lucky her!!  And, lucky us!  Since Aubrey was at her "school" it was really the first time we got chubby-bubby Benjamin all to ourselves!  He is such a happy little baby!  Zachary loves when he's around.  He wants to be sure he knows what Benjamin is up to at all times!  Benjamin is such a great baby.  He rarely fusses and is just so much fun to be around!  We spent the great weekend outside playing and having a great time.  Zachary will fall to his knees and start crying when it's time to come in!

On Monday we got more visitors!  Terri and Christina come over with their sons-Noah and Caleb, respectively.  We've had lots of fun play dates with Caleb, but it was one our firsts with Noah and the first one with all three of us!  Zachary had to nap and didn't get too much time with the two boys, but we know that there will be many to come!  Terri and Christina are great friends from college.  Their friendships are something that I treasure and am so thankful and blessed to have!!!

Christina, Caleb, Zachary, and Noah

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