Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bye-Bye Pacifiers

Today is the first day that Zachary no longer gets his pacifiers.  We started at nap time.  I brought the pacifiers downstairs and cut the sucker off of them.  We stood by the trash can and I gave them to Zack.  He tried to get them in his mouth.  He looked confused.  He would turn to me and kind of ask what was wrong.  I told him that since he was a big boy now he didn't need his pacifiers anymore and that they should go in the trash.  It took a while for the first one to go into the trash, but he loves throwing things away, so he threw the second one away.  Then it was nap time.  After an hour of screaming and one poopy diaper later he finally went to sleep.  We will see how this evening goes.  He usually gets his nebulizer before bed and the pacifier helps.  We are transitioning to an inhaler once these treatments are done.  We decided to go for it this week since I am on spring break and can kind of "handle" getting up with him during the night.  I think that might be hard too.  I will keep you all updated.  

Meanwhile, last Friday when I came in to get him from his nap he was standing in the pose.  SO cute.  Resting his head on his hand and legs crossed.  Enjoy the last pictures with him and his pacifiers!

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Sam said...

Thats a big step in the life of a little guy! Good work Zack! Good luck mom and dad!