Monday, April 7, 2008


Spring came (and went) this past weekend.  Not knowing when another good weekend would come, we decided to get out and enjoy the ample sunshine.  We went down to the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville.  Starting off at the playground it was so fun watching Zachary enjoy the jungle gym.  His favorites are the slides.  They had a tunnel slide, a roller slide, and a curvy slide.  He figured out how to go down them and then started going down on his tummy!  Feet first of course.  We also took a walk and let Zack feed the ducks.  There weren't too many around, but he figured out how to throw the goldfish crackers in to make them come.  He didn't want to leave them and actually tried to climb down into the river!  On Sunday David visited friends in his hometown and I got Aubrey and Benjamin for the afternoon.  We took a trip down to the park at the end of our street and played a little while.  Zack loved it, again, and was showing off all the things he mastered the day before.  He was even able to climb up the stairs that didn't have any railings.  

He is talking a ton.  Basically repeats everything.  Including--"Oh Sh*t!"  Which comes out-oh, chit.  Nice...  But, it's not all the time and we don't laugh or give a response so it's just "one of his phrases" now.  It's not often at all and we are hoping if he doesn't hear it he won't use it.  I love hearing everything he comes up with.  He really likes saying-"Ready, Set, GO!" like his Mickey Mouse fire truck says.  He will also say bye-bye to everyone he sees!  Enjoy a few pictures of him going down the roller slide! 

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SUZANNE said...

Oh how cute, he looks like such a little boy!! I love the warm weather.