Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas time is here

Well, we are full on into Christmas mode. Having fun with all of the decorations, lights, food, and presents, but making sure we continue to teach Zachary the true meaning of the holiday. He loves birthday's so he is very excited to celebrate the birth of Christ. Only, he's not quite sure why he is not going to an actual party. He'll figure it out!

He is also very excited for Santa Claus. He can't wait to meet him at my studio this coming Saturday. He told me he wants to hug him and see his reindeer. We are explaining the whole-it's not the real Santa thing. But, he does plan on staying up to see Santa this year. He's so into it this year, it's great!

As usual, we will be going to the cabin's for my family's Christmas in North Liberty. We leave next Friday after I'm done with classes for the fall semester. Looking forward to spending time with my family, although there will be no partaking in sledding this year! Then, on Christmas day we will head to Lawrenceburg to celebrate with David's side of the family and spend a couple days down there. Definitely not looking forward to all of the traveling coming up, but the family time is worth it! :)

Thursday the 16th start my weekly non-stress tests. We are nervously, anxiously, and excitedly counting down the last several weeks! Can't wait for an exciting 2011.

We wish everyone a blessed holiday season!