Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Year of Preschool is Over!

Tuesday May 25th was Zachary's last day of 3-year old Preschool. How sad! We have decided to keep him in preschool 2 more years so he will turn 6 right at the beginning of his Kindergarten year. What a year this has been! It's an adjustment for any child to go into a different learning environment, plus we were planning for Brenna, then dealt with her death. Zachary has had a lot to deal with. We are so proud of how amazing he has done! The more socially and emotionally aware he gets of himself and others brings up questions about Brenna. It is sad when he asks us questions, but we continue to explain how much we love her and wanted her with us. Zachary has also accomplished so much with his writing, numbers, letters, shapes, etc. He loved school and I was glad that he didn't miss one day! He, of course, loved his teacher Mrs. Dowler! She was fantastic and just the person we needed. He would often like to roll play at home with me being Zachary and him being Mrs. Dowler. She was great at taking pictures and capturing moments through out the year and made each parent a CD slideshow! We are definitely going to miss her! On the last day it was warm enough for shorts, so I decided to put him in the same shorts as his first day (different shirt) and see how they compared. His is our big boy! Here is Zachary on his first day and then on his last day!

Busy Month

Well, as promised, May has come with a lot to do! Sometimes to break up the routine, we like to do a family "camp-out" in the living room. We blow up mattresses' and do S'Mores and popcorn. The last time we did this, Zachary loved it! This time, he only wanted to marshmallow's instead of the whole S'More, then didn't actually sleep downstairs with us! He decided to sleep up in his bed. But, then Sunday night he wanted his turn to sleep downstairs again. Of course that didn't happen!

Our friends Brittnie and Luke got a puppy a couple of months ago, so we have been taking some trips up to visit them and have Zachary play with Kyla. First he did not want to play at all and informed me afterwards that he no longer likes dogs, only cats. But, he did warm up to her. It takes him a little bit while she gets all of her excited-ness out of the way, but he will play with her. Yesterday after our visit both Zachary and Kyla were asleep with in 15 minutes of our departure!

Tomorrow we leave for Disney and we can't wait! It's finally here! Zack tells us that he doesn't want to go. But we know once we are into the journey he will love it. I still have classes tonight and David work, then it's finishing packing, to bed, early rising (3:30ish!!) then to the airport! Many, many, many photos to come!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ahh, May

I can hardly believe that May is already here. With it comes some ups and downs. May 2nd was the 6 month mark of loosing our precious baby girl. Sometimes it's hard from me to think that she has been gone so long, then other times it seems way shorter. These are the struggles we have every day of missing her. Of course in May is Mother's Day too. Since I have lost my own biological mother, it is always a day of blessings and sadness. I am thankful for Pauline, my earthly mother, and for being a mother myself. But, my heart misses Joyce, my heavenly mother, and my baby girl Brenna. The day was nice, though. Zachary told me Happy Mother's Day every chance he got (still on Monday too) and also sang some songs for me that he performed on the Thursday before in school. It was great. He cracks me up. I got some beautiful cards from both friends and family as well as some pretty flowers and the newest Sookie Stackhouse Novel I had been wanting! The boys made me breakfast and I got to relax most of the day. Not too bad.

May will also bring some great fun for us! On the 24th David and I will be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary!! And on the 31st I will be turning 25! Again! But, the biggest thing May brings to us is...DISNEY WORLD!!! We are so excited! We can hardly wait! We have a countdown calendar where Zachary puts a star on everyday. Today, we are 17 days out. 16 if you don't count today since today has already started... ;) This is our first real family vacation with Zachary and I can't tell who is more excited at this point-me, Zachary, or David!

We are busy wrapping up the end of school as well as continuing with things for recital. June will be here before we know it!

Zachary sings the blues

Well, not really, but he did sing. Well, sort of. April 22nd Zachary had his music program at school! We were so excited. And, since Grandma and Grandpa were in town helping out Amber, they were able to come too! The program combined Mrs. Dowler's (Zachary's class) class and Mrs. Wierig's class. They all did so great. It took Zachary about a number and a half to get warmed up enough to sing, though he never did belt them out. We were surprised because Zachary is not shy at all and he had been practicing earlier in the morning with Daddy. But, he did get into it. We enjoyed such songs as: God is So Good, Octopus, Where is Thumbkin?, Three Little Sausages, Mr. Sun, Ten Little Fishes in the Sea, and Itsie Bitsie Spider and Variations. The best came at the end when Zachary wrapped his little arms around his waste and gave a grand bow! It was great! Enjoy some pictures of the day!