Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Month

Well, as promised, May has come with a lot to do! Sometimes to break up the routine, we like to do a family "camp-out" in the living room. We blow up mattresses' and do S'Mores and popcorn. The last time we did this, Zachary loved it! This time, he only wanted to marshmallow's instead of the whole S'More, then didn't actually sleep downstairs with us! He decided to sleep up in his bed. But, then Sunday night he wanted his turn to sleep downstairs again. Of course that didn't happen!

Our friends Brittnie and Luke got a puppy a couple of months ago, so we have been taking some trips up to visit them and have Zachary play with Kyla. First he did not want to play at all and informed me afterwards that he no longer likes dogs, only cats. But, he did warm up to her. It takes him a little bit while she gets all of her excited-ness out of the way, but he will play with her. Yesterday after our visit both Zachary and Kyla were asleep with in 15 minutes of our departure!

Tomorrow we leave for Disney and we can't wait! It's finally here! Zack tells us that he doesn't want to go. But we know once we are into the journey he will love it. I still have classes tonight and David work, then it's finishing packing, to bed, early rising (3:30ish!!) then to the airport! Many, many, many photos to come!!

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