Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zachary sings the blues

Well, not really, but he did sing. Well, sort of. April 22nd Zachary had his music program at school! We were so excited. And, since Grandma and Grandpa were in town helping out Amber, they were able to come too! The program combined Mrs. Dowler's (Zachary's class) class and Mrs. Wierig's class. They all did so great. It took Zachary about a number and a half to get warmed up enough to sing, though he never did belt them out. We were surprised because Zachary is not shy at all and he had been practicing earlier in the morning with Daddy. But, he did get into it. We enjoyed such songs as: God is So Good, Octopus, Where is Thumbkin?, Three Little Sausages, Mr. Sun, Ten Little Fishes in the Sea, and Itsie Bitsie Spider and Variations. The best came at the end when Zachary wrapped his little arms around his waste and gave a grand bow! It was great! Enjoy some pictures of the day!

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