Thursday, March 27, 2008

A chilly visit???

Amber brought Aubrey and Benjamin over today to play and eat lunch.  The two mainly bicker over which toys they should (and shouldn't) be playing with.  Today was no exception.  But, something new they did today was play in their coats.  No idea why.  Maybe they are just as sick of the cold as the rest of us!!  Zack brought his coat out to me to put on, so I did.  Then, next thing I knew, Aubrey had hers on too!  Benjamin slept almost the whole time, but I got to play with him a little after he was done eating and the kids were having their lunch (hot dogs, mac and cheese, and veggies).  He's such a happy baby and just smiles and smiles!  After lunch Benjamin was on the floor and Zack thought it a good idea to lay on him.  Such a weirdo.  Luckily no one was hurt! We love to play with our cousins.  Today after Zack gets up from his nap I'm gonna go buy him new shoes.  He's in a size 5, but the store where we bought his Easter shoes told us he should be in a 6.  So, I'll go get him some new kicks!!

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