Monday, March 3, 2008

18 month check up

Busy weekend! David and I spent the weekend re-doing the downstairs bathroom and buying a new fridge! The bathroom isn't 100% finished, but it's getting there. We took away the lilac purple and put up a silver blueberry. It's really nice! Turned out better than I thought. David did such a great job getting most all of it ready and painted. Then, when it was my turn to paint and touch up, he spent his time trying to entertain Zachary. Try telling an 18 month old he can't see his mommy! We bought a new refrigerator on Friday too. Thank goodness!! Finally!! It will be delivered on Wednesday and it couldn't come soon enough. I will post pictures when everything is finished.

Today was Zack's 18 month appointment with his new doctor-Dr. Olsen. It went really well! He is 33.75 inches and 25 lbs! He only grew 3/4 of an inch in the past 3 month, but gained 2 lbs! Dr. Olsen said he is 90% bigger than most boys his age. I was like-he always has been! Dr. Olsen also said that his motor skills are very good and that they will just continue to get better and somewhat dare-devilish! He also said that he is very impressed with his speech and that he is somewhat advanced! He said that he should have between 5-10 words by now and Zack has 13! He can say: Mama-Daddy-Aubrey (Ah-gee), Kitty, Thank You, Cookie, Cracker, Hi, Bye, Quack, Ball, Uh Oh, OK.

He also got one shot today and did very well with it! So, overall a great appointment!

I put a slideshow up, so hopefully it works!

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