Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hallelujah He is Risen!!

Happy Easter!  We had a wonderful weekend.  We went home to IN on Saturday and didn't get back until yesterday afternoon.  It was so good to be home.  We haven't been since October.  Too long!  
Mass was great.  We went to the church where we were married.  We wanted to see the priest that married us, but he didn't perform mass on Sunday.  Oh well.  It was still nice to be there.  The church is beautiful and knowing that we are saved because Christ died for us is humbling and overwhelming.  Zack was OK at first, but after about an hour he had had enough!  So, there was turn taking in the back letting him walk around.  After church Zack got to hunt for eggs and check out his stuff from the Easter Bunny.  He actually did a really good job hunting for eggs.  He would find them and keep hold of them.  Then he would start yelling "ball!" and throw the eggs and crack them!!  It was pretty funny!
Aalyah spent a lot of time with us too and Zachary loved having her around.  He did say her name once during the weekend.  It's a hard name to say, too!!  He did really well with Grandma and Grandpa, saying both of their names as well.  He loved that they would pick him up whenever he wanted!   I have a ton of pictures from the weekend and then video of him finding eggs.  Amber is going to show me how to download a slideshow, so I will have them up on Thursday!!

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