Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Little Friends...Loving Christ.

The snow came again today. My classes were canclled again today. But, that gave Zack and I time to go visit with some neighbor friends. Cortnie and her daughter, Callahan, have become great friends. Cortnie actually used to watch Zachary for us. I don't have an updated picture of the two of them, but here is one from Halloween. Callahan makes one cute mouse, huh?! Playtime was fun today with a rousing rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" followed by one crazy game of "Shake your head like mad and laugh." It's really pretty easy, you shake your head like mad and laugh! The kids are quite good at it.
As the Lenten season starts today I am reminded of all the sacrifices our Lord made in order for us to live. Everyday I have family and friends I love near me. We have jobs to support us, a house to shelter us, and food to feed us. This is such an amazing time of year and we are so blessed to be able to have so much and am so thankful to God for everything we have. It's also a time of new beginnings. Jesus' rising is symbollic in so many ways. Easter equals Spring and spring equals rebirth and sun!! I know after all the snow this week we are ready for new leaves on the trees, new flowers in the ground, and mostly--warm weather!!!

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Cortnie said...

Um, could our kids be any cuter??? We have to get some more pics of them together....I simply love it!