Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Play date with the cousins

Last Friday we had an afternoon visit from Aubrey and Benjamin. It was great getting to spend time with the three of them together. Zachary had a new curiosity about Benjamin. He wanted to be right next to me while I was feeding him and was very helpful in putting his pacifier back into his mouth! Aubrey and Zack, of course, had the house a mess! She is so funny. I was getting Benjamin's bottle ready when she called out to me-"Milli," (we are so past "aunt")"come see the big smile Benjamin is making at me!" It was so cute! She is also starting to call Zachary her "friend." I'm so glad that I have them close to be able to be around Zachary. Plus, we are happy to have another boy in the family. It's just a matter of time until both the boys are wearing crowns and playing princess dress up with Aubrey, though! She already brings an extra crown for Zack to wear now!! I'm sure she'll be all for playing tackle football in the yard one day.

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SUZANNE said...

I love this picture of them, they are all getting so big!!