Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fantasy Football

Happy post-Super Bowl! Even though we are so glad the Giants won, we were still bummed that we didn't get a repeat performance out of our Colts. Not really fans of the Giants and mortal enemies with the Patriots, we were very pleased with the out come of Sunday's game. We got to spend the day together as a family and then headed over to our friends-the Giannasi's to eat sushi (so football, huh?) and watch the big game. It was fun seeing Noah getting bigger and stronger. We of course got caught in a snow storm while there and had to drive home in about 4 inches of snow! Oh well! It's been that kind of winter! We took Zack out for the first time last week in the snow and I'll be posting pictures of that soon!!

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Sharing Life said...

Yikes! Mortal enemies...very strong language!