Monday, April 26, 2010

It's time to try this again

So, I will attempt to try and keep my blog up-to-date and full of happenings and pictures.

Life is continuing for us. Everyday we love and miss our Brenna Angel (as Zachary calls her) more and more. We all struggle and grieve in our own ways, but are in the journey together. The more socially and emotionally aware Zachary becomes of himself and others he gets more curious about why Brenna is not with us. We continue to need love, support, and prayers from our friends and loved ones. This is a journey that will not end of us. Change, yes, but end-no. We are faithful that God will bless us again and we are looking forward to that.

As for our Monster Face. Wow, let's write a book. Oh wait-that's what this blog is for! He is doing so great in school! He loves it and has made so many friends! He behaves so well for everyone
and loves to push buttons and boundaries with his mom and dad! We are looking forward to our first FAMILY VACATION to DISNEY WORLD at the end of May!! We are going for Memorial Day weekend and couldn't be more excited!

David (when he's not traveling) and I continue to do our Share meetings once a month. We have met so many great people who, unfortunately, share the same heartache that we do. But, it's nice to know that someone can relate. I just did the March of Dimes walk on Sunday with my friend Laura and her family. Over 6 miles! Wow!

The studio is doing great and we are getting so close to recital! We are getting ready for DDDC's last competition this weekend and I can't believe how fast this year has gone! We have our first annual summer dance camps and intensive at the studio this year and we are hoping they will do great. We are bringing in some great talent for our dancer's!

I am looking forward to the summer and hopefully getting a pool pass to Pelican Harbor again and just being able to enjoy time with my family!

Well, here's to keeping this blog going!

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*Laura Angel said...

Yay! I look forward to reading all your posts!