Monday, August 31, 2009

Zachary turns 3 and takes his own pictures!

So, my little baby isn't a baby anymore. Nope, he's 3 and starting preschool next week! I can't believe how fast this time has gone by and how blessed I am to have someone as great as Zachary is for a son. He is hysterical, independent, loving, and full of life. He is excited to start preschool and I know that he will love it and learn so much more than at home! He is very good with colors and is getting his letters better and numbers as well. The other day he told us the numbers on the clock! And, he was able to point out almost all the letter of the alphabet to me. He got his "V" and "W" mixed up, but that was all.

He also loves to sing, loudly. He'll get his toy guitar out and start singing "Life Is A Highway" from Cars, or he'll just go "Oh Yeah!" over and over again. It's pretty funny. Whenever the Imagination Movers come on the TV he grabs his "drum sticks" (read: Turner and Phillipe screw drivers from Handy Manny tool box!) and drums away. He is also into making up his own songs, which we don't understand at all! It's usually about bath time or eating or something like that!

Zachary is also into taking his own photographs! He loves using or camera to take pictures of the cats or his cars, or whatever is closest!
As for me and David, we are pushing along. David has a 6 week reality series for BET coming up and I'm still getting sick and fat! But, the baby is growing and moving a ton and it's a nice reassurance! Just about 10 weeks to go and I hope it goes by fast! I'm sure it will with the start of the fall session starting today and auditions and company starting this weekend!
Zack's turns 3!

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