Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is it finally finished???....

Basically!!!  Thank goodness!  It was a lllooonnnggg weekend, but it was worth it!  Of course, David and I could never do this on our own, so we had the help of PaPa and Nanny this weekend!  Thank God for Don.  He helped us do everything.  Floors, trim, quarter round.  Everything.  Sally kept track of Zachary and this is what the room looks like now.  So excited and pleased with it!  We just need to get a closet organizer in there and the furniture.  

It was done just in time.  Aalyah is coming up for a visit at the end of this week, so she'll be the first guest to stay in the room!  I'll post more pictures once we get the furniture in there.

Now we are painting the rest of the house.  Indulgent Mocha (sounds wonderful doesn't it?).  We are getting new carpet and new furniture, hopefully within the month, so everything will be complete by the big 2 year birthday party.

Thank you again, PaPa and Nanny for all of your help!

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SUZANNE said...

It looks great!! I love the flooring!!