Thursday, July 31, 2008


Translates into: Aalyah.  He used to say "Lee-Yah" quite well, but when she came to visit last weekend it was "Ahh-Yee" instead.  Oh well.  We had a great time with her.  She's getting so big and mature.  I can't believe she'll be 10 already in September!  I'm so old.  

We didn't get Aalyah as long as we normally do, but it was a great time nonetheless.  She was the first one to sleep in the new room and she loved it.  She came to classes with me a couple times and enjoyed watching my dancers.  One day when we got home from the studio Zachary was completely unconcerned with my return and just wanted the attention of his cousin!  He loved having her here and we did too!  It is one of my favorite parts of summer.  I hope she enjoys coming to us and wants to continue it until we are old and gray!  Enjoy some pictures!

On Sunday Zachary and I took Aalyah home and spent the day.  We haven't been home in a while so it was worth the gas-that I happened to get for $3.83!! Really!  I almost took a picture.  Zack had fun in the garden with Pop-Pop and later fell asleep on a walk with Grandma and I.  I'll post pictures of Grandma holding him sleeping (her favorite) and them him napping-upside down-in the toddler bed!

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SUZANNE said...

I love the toddler bed, is that at your house?! So cute!!