Thursday, May 15, 2008

So much to say, so much to do.

So much has gone on since the last time I blogged.  A week ago (yes, that long) a childhood friend came up with her daughter.  Suzanne and I have known each other since middle school.  We cheered together in high school and were roommates in college.  We seriously talk almost everyday on email or text.  BUT-I have never met her 11 month old daughter, Sophia!  I was so happy that they were able to come up and stay over night with us.  It was a short visit, but I'm so glad there was a visit!  On Thursday they were here by the time I got home from classes and we just hung out.  Zack was in a very non-sharing mood (of course) and that got Sophia upset, but by Friday morning he was will to let her take the wheel on some things!  On Friday we took them down to the Riverwalk in downtown Naperville.  Well, I forgot that there was construction on it, so it wasn't very scenic for them!  But, we did get to feed the ducks and geese.  And, Zack smudged his hand in goose poop and Sophia ate dirt and trees.  Overall, a good morning!  Luckily Suzanne was able to make it back to Indianapolis even though I gave her the wrong directions all weekend!!

Sunday was Mother's Day and even though I was finishing up my last competition it was a great day.  Dad and Pauline were in town, so I got to see them for a few hours in the morning.  I got some very nice anti-aging stuff (lame?  not so much for me) and a new bottle of perfume.  It smells great.  
This weekend David has a wedding in Indianapolis and since he has to leave on Friday, we have decided I will stay home with Zachary.  Who can afford the gas??  Even though I'll miss David, I am really looking forward to having so much time with Zachary and some alone time!
We have a busy May!  Next weekend is David and I's 5 year anniversary!!  We are going downtown on Saturday night while Zack stays with the Stefanski's.  We are looking forward to sleeping in and spending some hard earned $ on ourselves!  Then on the 31st I finally tunr 21 (;p)!!  I can't wait.  And, if you did the math that made me 16 when I was married...  When I tell some of my students, they believe me...  Oh well, It changes between 21 and and 25, but 21 is more youthful, so I'll stick with that!

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SUZANNE said...

Yay for Zachary and Sophia!! They are too cute :)