Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Toodles!


Zachary loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's his favorite show.  Thank goodness it's On-Demand so we can have it anytime we need!  Well, starting last week when he was watching it he started calling out "Toodles!"  It's great.  He'll say it along with the show and then just randomly during the day.  I try to incorporate "mouse-ka-tools" into our day.  Usually, they are just diapers and wipes!  But hey, those are great tools!

Also, I have started working with Zachary to be able to memorize and recall certain objects in books.  Each afternoon before nap I will read the same book and have him point out the same object to me.  I just started this last week.  We have a team sport book about football, so it has a football on each page.  Everyday we would read it and I would ask him to point to the football.  It wasn't always easy because sometimes the kids were holding it or throwing it.  By Friday he was able to show me every picture of the football!  It was great.  So, this week (and maybe next) I am working on animals in his favorite book-"Going To Sleep On The Farm."  At the end of each animal's bed time routine they show all the animals on the farm, so it's a great way to continually see all the animals.  I'm excited about this new connection he's having.

We have friends coming into town this Thursday/Friday.  So excited!  Suzanne and her daughter Sophia are coming up from Indianapolis to stay with us Thursday night and then we'll have the morning together on Friday.  I have a competition in Waukegan, IL and she has plans to meet with other friends, so it works out perfectly.  I haven't met Sophia yet (10 months!) and I'm excited for Zachary and her to play.  I'll have great pictures after the weekend!

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Sam said...

Thats so cute! Maggie started saying Oh Toodles a while ago too. She loves the hot dog dance!