Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween: Check, Thanksgiving: Here we come

So, Halloween has come and gone. Zachary loved everything to do with the season! He loves ghosts, and goblins, etc. I went to a haunted house one weekend and told him he couldn't go because I thought it would be too scary and he promptly told me that he is not afraid of anything-except spiders! He had a blast the entire month! He was Iron Zack and loved his costume, save for the mask. But, you could tell who he was nonetheless!
November 2nd marked Brenna's first birthday. The days and nights leading up to the day were horrible. I kept waiting for our world to end has it had the year before. But, the day ended up just being the three of us. We spent the day getting
and planting a Birchleap Spirea bush for her in our front yard. The bush will have green leaves with beautiful white flowers around the time of May and then they will turn an extraordinary purple in the fall! I wanted something that would show the most beauty in the fall. Since we have planted it, it has gotten healthier and the leaves have turned a dark red/purple. This beautiful weather we have been having helps preserve it a little longer. So, we honor our daughter with a plant we can watch grow and change in the seasons, as we are unable to with her.

Zachary, being truly my son through and through,
is well onto his way of Christmas thinking! He wants to watch Christmas shows all day and listen to Christmas music in the car (unless he gets the itch for his old favorite-OMG by Usher!)! How can I possibly deny this wonderful child those things? Simple, I cannot. But, I do sneak in my Thanksgiving specials in there too. We loves the Peanuts holiday trilogy, so he is always ready to watch that. I think he is starting to think that our Thanksgiving meal will involve toast, pretzels, popcorn, and jelly beans!!

I must say, I am looking forward to this holiday season with more Christmas spirit than I think I ever have. Last year was such a dark time for us. We only decorated for Zachary, I only watched a few shows for him, and I rarely had a note of Christmas music on. Let's face it, Christmas is about the birth of a miraculous child. We had just experienced the loss of ours. Everything about the holiday reminded us of that. And, being less than 2 months since she died, our emotions were still very raw. This year we look, with God, to the future and the baby to come shortly after the new year. This year we remember the gift that Brenna was, and the gift of life that God gave us by sending his son. And I'm sure there will be cookies and candy in there too! ;)

Here is a picture of all of us for Halloween!

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