Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nothing says fall like...

Leave your answer in the comments. For us fall means FOOTBALL!! And football means, COLTS football!! We live for Sunday's. And Monday's. And then Thursday's and Saturday's too. The NFL does a great job of only letting us suffer two days with no football! Something else that starts in the fall (and usually carries over to late spring) is our need for corned beef! We used to cook it with cabbage, but I don't like it and David soon gave it up. So now it's just beef with carrots and potatoes. Still a damn good meal! There is just something about football and corned beef that feels like fall to me.

I also love the change of the season. I wish I lived in a land called-Fall. Where the weather 9 months out of the year was always fall-ish. There could be some days of cooler weather, mix in some rain, etc. But just the overall crisp beautiful fall day. I love all activities fall. Visits to orchards and pumpkin farms, hayrides, pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks, apple cider, warm apple cider, caramel apple cider etc. I have been trying to get a group together to do the Naperville PD's annual hayrides for about 5 years now. I'm telling myself I will go this year.

Fall also means school! I always loved back-to-school. You got to buy new things, get new teachers, see your friends again, get back into school activities and sports. It was always a fun time of year for me. We just learned Zachary's new school teacher for the year. Mrs. Schamburger. We are very excited to meet her and see all the wonderful things Z will be exploring and learning this year!

The rule for me this fall is to stay busy, busy, busy. The thought of coming into Brenna's 1 year anniversary is so terrifying to me that I hope that if I just stay busy and not sit and dwell on it, I can make through the 1st and hardest anniversary.

Well, here is to a great start of fall (although it really is still a month away) and all the things we love about it!!


Sam said...

Nothing says fall like chili on a cool night with slices of cheese and summer sausage, plus baking, baking and more baking, mostly pumkin things.

Hendryx2003 said...

Chili! Sam, yes!! How could I forget?! I hope that you are blessed with zero indigestion and heartburn so you may have CHILI!!