Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boy enough to rock purple socks!

We went to McDonald's yesterday for lunch with Nana, Amber, Aubrey and Benjamin.  Nana, Zack, and I watched Benjamin before we went since Aubrey had a dentist appointment.  Amber called to ask me to bring socks for Aubrey since you have to have them to play in the playplace.  Well, I didn't think about bringing any for Zack, so I borrowed a pair.  Benjamin and Aubrey share a room and Benjamin was sleeping when I grabbed two pairs.  I totally thought the purple ones were black and yellow.  I didn't even notice until we got to McDonalds.  He rocked them out, though!  Of course he has no idea that they were purple!

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SUZANNE said...

LOOOOVE the purple socks!!